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Xinxiang Medical University is one under provincial administration, who has been in operation since 1950 and ratified to grant both bachelor degree and master degree by the authorities.Now there are 14 departments, 20 specialities are granted to give master degree.A modern library was built with about 97.27 thousand books, facilitated with an exchange platform among 110 academic organizations from both domestic and foreign libraries.

The university has four medical journals issued publicly to domestic and abroad.The university has established a good relationship with over 10 foreign universities or colleges and education institutions from America, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Nepal and so on.

A provincial public medical University, Xinxiang Medical University has been in operation since 1950 and been granted recognition by the WHO since 1958. Located in Xinxiang City, the University lies north of Yellow River and faces the Taihang Mountain in the south. Beijing-GuangzhouBeijing-Zhuhai Railway and Xinxiang-He Railway all meet Xinxiang City, which lies at 113 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude, 90 kilometers from Zhengzhou International Airport.The university was built on a profound cultural inheritance with a long history which predecessor can be traced back to the Western Medical Clinic by a British Missionary in 1896.

Totally there are over 43727 students,among them there are 12486 undergraduates, 564 postgraduates, 15222 adult education students,16 foreign students. Presently there are 8366 staff including 939 professionals, among them there are 300 more teachers honored as national candidates of “New Century Project for Training Hundreds of Thousands of Persons with Ability and Innovation”, National State Subsides, National Excellent Teacher etc.

Now there are 19 departments, which cover medicine, literature, science, technology, management and so on. Twenty three specialties, namely Surgery, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Applied Psychology, Mental Illness and Mental Health etc., have been established as Master’s degree subjects. Twenty one specialties, namely Medicine, Forensics, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation Science, Information Management (for medicine), Neurology Science & Psychology, English Language (for medical sciences) and Engineering of Medical Biology are for undergraduates. The University has 86 departments, one postdoctoral research station and 10 Research Institutes for Tuberculosis, Ophthalmology, and Mental Diseases etc.

The university campus covers 1.158 million m², among which architectural areas are 73.07 million m². The teaching equipment is worth93.88 million Yuan RMB. A modern library was built with about 97.27 thousand books, facilitated with an exchange platform among 110 academic organizations from both domestic and foreign libraries. An anatomic specimen museum was built and collected around a thousand specimens. The university has five medical journals issued publicly to domestic and abroad: Journal of Xinxiang Medical University, Journal of Ophthalmic Recent Advances, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of Clinical Psychosomatic Diseases.

In order to meet the necessity of running this University, four affiliated hospitals were built with a total 8000 beds, and 14 teaching hospitals and more than 50 teaching intern bases as well. We have established sound cooperation with many large hospitals covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Ji’nan and so on.

The First Affiliated Hospital is located Weihui County, Henan Province, which originated from the Christian Huimin Hospital founded in 1896. It is an “AAA” comprehensive hospital combining medical treatment, teaching and scientific research with more than 2800 beds.

The Second Affiliated Hospital, also called the Mental Health Hospital of Henan Province, is the only “AAA” provincial mental hospital combining medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and judicial (forensic) identification. Among these the Sector of Psychiatry is provincially emphasized as a key clinic sector. This hospital is also the provincial Research Institute of Mental Health, the provincial Prevention & Treatment Center of Mental Diseases, the provincial Abstaining & Treatment Center of Drug Addiction and the Mental Health Association of Henan province. There are now 1500 beds in it.

The Third Affiliated Hospital is a newly built modern comprehensive hospital with over 1400 beds, which lies in the new developing area of the eastern suburb of Xinxiang City.

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital is also named as Xinxiang Central Hospital, which is a comprehensive hospital with more than 3000 beds.

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital newly joined in this university with the name as First Renmin Hospital. It is also a comprehensive hospital with 1600 beds.

XXMU has long been paying much attention to academic exchanges and cooperation and has sent many excellent teachers to conduct research, lectures and study in U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Canada, Britain, Germany, India, Nepal and Denmark etc. XXMU  has set up good cooperative relationships with Lund University, Sweden, the University of New South Wales, Australia, and many other universities in the above mentioned countries. Meanwhile, there are many excellent teachers in this University have been sent Canada, America, Japan, Australia and other countries for academic exchanges annually, and we have invited some experts both domestic and foreign to come to our University and conduct academic exchanges.

Adjusting itself to the era of information, the University has realized the modernization of teaching methods through its efforts. The University has built a Computer Center, Several multi-media language labs, an Internet Information Center and a modern education technology center. Besides, the foundation of Peking University Xinxiang School of Medical Network Education is aimed at taking on a joint program of Long-distance Medical Education. The University has built a modernized library that can offer 24-hour services with the automatic network system of books and information. It has also set up a good inter-library relationship with some domestic and international libraries in the world.

We welcome from our heart the medical Universities or universities in the world to come and develop cooperation and joint programs together. Welcome medical experts from all over the world to take on academic communication and foreign students to study medical sciences.For the sake of the friendship and the development of medical technique and human health & medical treatment, let’s work together to create a bright future.

      Fee structure      

1st year fee

RMB 26000     USD 4200     Rs  4,20,000

2nd to Final  year fee

RMB 20000     USD 3300     Rs  3,30,000  


1ST year expenses include tuition fee, hostel fee, one years green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, equipments, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.


Preface – From the beginning of human culture, the value of medical treatment hasbeen continuously increasing for the continuity of life. In order to producethese competitive skilled workers, scientific education system and practicalteaching methodology is essential. Keeping quality education as our mainobjective, Xinxiang Medical University (XXMU) has started the MBBS Programmewhich will be mainly in Chinese medium and assisted with English medium from 2015Sept onwards. For this purpose XXMU is providing the education in such a waythat it will:

a)Be performed according to the validinternational standards as per state of the art in medical education.

b)Be performed with due diligence andefficiency and recognized professional standards.

C)Meet the standards stipulated byWHO/Chinese government/ and other Medical Councils in Asian countries fromwhere the students are enrolled.

The basic theme of medical education issame all over the world though slight difference exists due to various diseasepatterns in different climate and geography. However the common diseasesprevalent in the south East Asian region are same. Therefore it is possible totrain the students of these regions jointly.

Eligibility criteria forthe student enrollment:

1. Undergraduates Course:

Brief Explanation of this course: This is a Program with the duration of one year for Chinese Language course and five years for Medicine course(including twoChinese language classes each week and one-year compulsory internship in China).The programme shall be conducted in six-month semester basis. It is a programmemainly in Chinese medium while assisted with English medium. Programme teacherswill be chosen in campus or from other universities subject to the excellence,and even employ foreign teachers for some subjects if necessary.

Eligibility criteria: Intermediate level or10+2 in science withbiology/pre-medical subjects with 50% marks in aggregate acquired from theinstitute recognized by the University/Chinese government. The potentialcandidate must pass through an entrance examination/interview conducted by theUniversity.

2. PostgraduatesCourse:

Applicantsshall have acquired Bachelor of Medicine from the universities or collegeseither domestically or in China.

3. Allapplicants shall have a good health both physically and mentally.

4. Medicalinsurance shall be bought domestically or promised to buy it according to university’srequirement after entered China.

Approaches & Procedures of applicants:

1.Applicantscan ask XXMU for the form of “Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at Xinxiang Medical University”.

2.Afterapplicants fulfill the form, do send the form back to the Foreign AffairsOffice of XXMU.

3.Whenthe application is approved, XXMU will send the applicant Visa Application forForeigners Wishing to Study in China(JW202 Form), Letter of Admission and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(PERFF, this record for applicants studying in China for more than half a year.)

4.Thenapplicants are expected to go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in respectivecountry for visa with all these above that we send.

5.Onlyafter reached XXMU and paid tuition fee, can applicants register as a member ofthis school.

Rules & Regulations:

Public kitchen in the student apartment is for the convenience of foreign postgraduates' daily life. In order to prevent fire and safety accidents, and ensure that all study use it in safety, the use regulation is as follows:

(1) Inside the kitchen items belong to public property, you are kindly required to take good care them. Any equipment should not be damaged or moved out of the kitchen.

(2) You are hoped to use it according to the normal operating procedures, after use, be sure to power cut. If cookingutensil doesn’t work, you are kindly hope to report to the office in a timely manner.

(3) The kitchen should be kept neat; leftovers shall be kept away from kitchen and especially cannot be put in the pools. And personal belongs should not be kept in the kitchen. Staff may have the right to handle those items freely if don’t follow this suggestion.

(4) Students should not arbitrarily use the items that the other students leave in the fridge; otherwise you may compensate it according to the value.

(5) When you use the microwave ovens, induction cooker or a washing machine in the public kitchen, do leave out while the electric appliances are in working state. After use, the power supply must be turned off in a timely manner.

(6) The public kitchen shall be managed by yourselves, be sure to pay attention to the fire alarm, and protect public property in the kitchen. When facilities of the kitchen lost or damaged, you need renew it at your own expense.




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