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                                   Jiangxi University

                           Of Tradition Chinese medicine

The university

CEC Pakistan From Representative of Jiangxi University of tradition Chinese medicine, founded in 1959 and located in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province, china, is an institution of higher learning featured in the education of Chinese medicine. The university ha now four campuses, which cover a total area of 2308mu with a building area of 4900,000 sq meters. The school library is home to 745,000 copies of books, over 350,000 electronic books and 13 electronic resources data bases.

The university offers 19 bachelors programs and 20 master programs with 2 ministries level key disciplines and 10 prevention level key disciplines. the university 8 own national or prevention level scientific research program platforms including a national engineering research center, a key laboratory under ministry of education, a post doctoral working station, among witch the national engineering research center for solid preparation of Chinese herbal medicine is only one of its kind in domestic TCM schools.

The university is also the mainstay for carrying out and supervising the construction of national TCM modernized science and technological industrial base and national TCM standardized planting base.

During the recent 5 years the school has undertaken 67 national levels, 126 prevention levels and 394 provincial department level of scientific research fund.       

The scholarship injection developed by the school is the only first class national new chemical drug in TCM schools nationwide, making a break through for Jiangxi province.

The heat sensitization therapy of acupoint invented by our university earns a reputation that “in north” what is the most famous is Tianjin’s acupuncture, while in south Jiangxi’s moxibustion is taking the lead. The school has attached great importance to the industrialization of science research by successively developing over hundred kinds of medicines products and functional food, among which 6 products has reached an annual sale of over one hundred millions Yuan.

Jiangxi university of TCM is designated by the ministry of education as one of the premiere high learning institutions eligible for international students. it is authorized by the state health ministry as the international education center for TCM in jiangxi province and has accepted more than 1000 long-term and short term students. More than 150 students from Pakistan and 20 countries and regions.



MBBS (English medium)


Based on the strong teaching force within the university, international offices, invited eminent experts and professors to give lessons to the international students. Advance teaching facilities are also provided in an effort to combine the advantage teaching with those of the modern education.

Clinical study

With the support from the 9 affiliated hospitals, experienced doctors have been invited as the practical training tutors for the international students. According to the principle of           integrating practice with theories and emphasizing clinical studies, the university adopts the special teaching method in which the preclinical and theories and practice are combined supplement each other.


       Accommodation and food         

Set up particularly for the interest of overseas students, tasteful layout, well equipped rooms surrounded by graceful gardens, attach bathrooms, telephone, television, internet, laundry, kitchen are available at very affordable price.

       Fee structure      

1st year fee

RMB 31530

2nd year fee

RMB 21030


1ST year expenses include tuition fee, hostel fee, two years green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, equipments, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.


WHO and PM and DC approved and recognized.


Every semester’s curriculums will be adjusted according to the university arrangement at that time.

Requirements on Chinese language:

Applicants are required to pass HSK before graduation; otherwise they can not do the internship in china.  

Internship information:

Student can choose to do the internship/training in china, their home country or any other


 Entry requirements

Applicants should be in good health, high school graduate or above, or have passed grade twelve (10+2) Fsc. (pre medical) A level/WAES or equivalent.

  Documents Required  

  1. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
  2. A photocopy of the applicant’s CNIC/B form.
  3. Passport-size photo 10 Nos.
  4. A photocopy of the metric certificate.
  5. A photocopy of the F.Sc pre-medical certificate.
  6. Foreigner p0hysical Ext. Attested by Govt. Hospital and MoFA
  7. Medical report from China Acupuncture Center & Chinese Clinical Lab
  8. Police clearance certificate.
  9. Bank letter and statement showing sufficient funds available.

The city

Nanchang is a beautiful city with the Gan River, of local people, the mother river of local people traversing through the whole city.

Water is her soul or in other words water carries all her beauty.

Lakes and river in or around Nanchang bring a special kind of charm to the city.

      Why you study in china?      

GDP: china is booming. An estimation of the annual growth of the Chinese GDP is reaching more than 7% over the coming five years.

Future: No doubt in the there will be a growing demand for Chinese speaking people, or at last people who know how t do things “the Chinese way”.

Science and technologies: china leads or approaches the worlds advanced level in many branches of science and technology, for instance in the field of biology science and engineering etc.

Pak-china relationship: pak –china friendship sis time –tested and progressing by leaps and bounds. The exemplary friendship between the two countries is high than the Himalayas and deeper than the ocean.    

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