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(Brief Introduction)

CEC Pakistan From Representative of  Hubei University of Medicine (HUM) is located in the center of Shiyan, the "Motor City," in Hubei Province, China. Shiyan boasts several tourist attractions such as Wudang Mountain (a sacred place of Taoism), Danjiangkou Reservoir (the largest artificial freshwater lake in Asia) and Shengnongjia Forest.

HUM was founded in 1965. In 1996, it was among the first to pass the National Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) accreditation organized by the State Education Commission. In 2006, it was evaluated as excellent in the Undergraduate TQA conducted by the Ministry of Education. HUM's facilities cover 421,800 square meters, of which 117,000 square meters are for teaching and administration. Its fixed assets amount to one billion yuan. Its teaching and research equipment are valued at over 100 million yuan. Its library has a collection of 838,400 volumes.

HUM has over 15,000 full-time students and over 1,000 faculty and staff. It offers 12 undergraduate programs, covering medicine, science, management and engineering. The current undergraduate programs include clinical medicine, nursing, anesthesiology, medical imaging, pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, medical laboratory science, dentistry, public health administration, information management and systems, rehabilitation therapy and bio-science. The university hosts two nationally recognized majors, five provincially recognized majors, seven provincially recognized courses, three provincial teaching model centers and five first-rate level three hospitals. The five affiliated hospitals are the highest Level Three hospitals in the country, with six million out-patients and 300,000 in-patients annually. Along with emphasis on undergraduate education, HUM is developing graduate, overseas students and continuing education

Location: Hubei University of Medicine 
South Renmin Road, Shiyan, Hubei, 442000, China

Duration of exchange: Students may participate in the program for either one semester (fall or spring) or for one academic year.

Fee structure

1st year fee 31500 RMB
2nd year fee 20,000 RMB

Program Cost

  • Accommodation fee is approximately RMB5,000 per student, per year
  • Living expenses vary from RMB800-1,000
  • Study materials such as books vary by program


Exchange students live in the international students dormitory. The room is equipped with an air conditioner, a shower, a washroom, a closet, desk and chair and water cooler. There are washing machines and micro-ovens on each floor.

On campus, there is a hospital, a bank, a post office, supermarkets, canteens and Internet. Cost for meals for one person per day is RMB10-15.

Besides the dormitory, three kinds of apartments are offered for international students:

  1. University hotel: well-furnished includes daily house-keeping service.
  2. International student apartment: furnished with an air conditioner, a television, a refrigerator, a telephone, Internet, a washing machine, a shower, a kitchen, etc.
  3. Home stay

Pick-up service provided upon arrival: Hubei University of Medicine will pick up the students at the Wuhan Airport.

Academic Information

Language of instruction: English

Courses are offered in the following disciplines:

Additional information is available on the university's admissions page.

Credit and grading system: Any academic credits received during the course of the program may be transferred to CSUN as pre approved by the academic department. Grading system is based on a hundred full marks. Credits differ based on the courses taken.

Requirements and Application Information

  • Have a cumulative overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 units at CSUN (or transfer) and must be currently a CSUN undergraduate student within the Health Administration department (must be a junior) 


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