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University Honors

2006: Recognized in the “national employment of advanced institutions”

2006: listed in the “2005 Hunan top ten credibility demonstration unit”

2006: recognized in the “national advanced school unit”

2007: awarded the “national school of standardized management demonstration unit”

2007: listed in the “100 credit agencies”

2009: listed in the “top ten universities in Hunan star of creditability demonstration unit”

2009: recognized in the “advanced unit of contribute to enriching people and province”

2010: awarded the “2010 advanced demonstration institution of china quality-oriented education”

2010: awarded the “demonstration unit of learning party construction in Hunan regular institutions of higher learning “

2010: listed in the “2010 china’s most socially responsible brand institution in china tour of science and education”

2010: awarded the “national advanced unit of creating harmonious campus”

2011: awarded the “creator of provincial demonstration unit of pioneer fir optimal activity”


1989-1999 south Hunan health vocational schools

1999-2005 south Hunan medical college

2005-present Changsha medical university

Founded as a health vocational school in 1989, Changsha medical university (CSMU) has a history of over 26 years, which has bestowed the institution with a glorious tradition of producing excellent doctors for the whole Chinese nation. Through 26 years of development, the university has now become a comprehensive institution with a full spectrum of disciplines, covering such areas as bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery, teratology, nursing, TCM, pharmacy, business, information technology and so forth.

Changsha medical university, founded by the famous educators Mr. He binsheng, is located in Changsha –a historic city and a capital of Hunan province.

Changsha city is famous for the Xingjian River, yuelu academy and lie feng’s hometown. CSMU is under the jurisdiction of the Hunan government. It is recognized by who IMED and AVICEENA and approved by the Pakistan medical and dental council.

Changsha medical university has in the past few years been making remarkable advancements towards its goal of developing into an institution on per with first-class university.

To achieve such a goal, CSMU has been making painstaking efforts in globalization by forming partnership with universities, encouraging its students to study abroad and at the same time welcoming students from abroad.

          CAMPUS OF CSMU           



Changsha campus is located in Changsha, capital of Hunan and has an area of over 1900 mu (84 hectares) with general assets of 7.2 billion Yuan (RBM).


 Hengyang campus is located in Hengyang city, in the western suburbs, close to the scenic west Lake Park and shek Kwu Park. Campus has an area of 200mu, building area of 30,000 square meters, more than 0.16billion Yuan worth of teaching facilities.     

                  STAFF AND FACULTY

The university has more than 30,000 students and 1705 faculty members. CSMU consists of 23 colleges and departments, which offers undergraduates and vocational programs, including clinical medicine, nursing, and pharmacy life sciences and so on. The experimental buildings are equipped with modern teaching equipment. There are 388 different kinds of laboratories, 17 foreign language labs and 103 multi-media classrooms in CSMU.

                        Affiliated Hospitals

CSMU has extensive clinical teaching equipment and full sets of basic facilities. It has 19 affiliated hospitals and 183 internship hospitals, which include one grade III-A and four grades II-A polyclinics with more than 20000 beds. More than 60 millions Yuan has been invested modern teaching facilities, which ensure that all the basic experiments and the medical teaching require can be conducted effectively. Multi-media are available for almost all specialties.

  • First affiliated hospital of CSMU
  • Hunan children’s hospital
  • The second people’s hospital of  xiangtan City
  • Zhuzhou city people hospital
  • The second people’s hospital of zhuzhou city
  • Shimen country people’s hospital
  • Wangcheng people’s hospital
  • Ningxiang country people’s hospital  


Changsha medical university has 8 floors library building with total construction area of 34,400 square meters. It has 2,484,000 papers books and 1740 different kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. In order to provide students with a good learning environment, the library has opened eight large study rooms. A special reading room is well equipped for the international students, so that they read original English newspaper, books and periodicals. The school possesses a rich reserve of books. It has text books and reference materials for medical sciences in English medium. The library provides an excellent study atmosphere for students.


  • First clinical medical college
  • Nursing college
  • Department of basic medicine
  • Department of medical lab technology
  • Department of public health
  • Department of pharmacy
  • Department of TCM
  • Department of acupuncture
  • Department of moxibustion and tuin
  • Department of medical imaging
  • Department of foreign language
  • Department of business administration
  • Department of marketing
  • Department of computer science
  • Department of political research
  • Department of sport training   
  • Department of adult education
  • Institute of international education


Changsha medical university enrolled the first batch of international students for M.B.B.S program from Pakistan and Cameroon in 2009. Now it has 398 international students from different countries. And the first batch has graduate in July, 2014.  

  • National scholarships
  • National encouragement scholarships
  • New great well of china foundation for poverty alleviation scholarship
  • Scholarship for poverty students having excellent performances
  • President scholarships


PRGRAMS                                       DURATION

Clinical medicine (bachelor of medicine and surgery)

6 years  (5 years study + 1 year internship)


                         5 years

                 Preventive medicine

                         5 years

        Traditional Chinese medicine 

                         5 years

           Acupuncture and massage

                         5 years

        Chinese language and literature

                         4 years

                   Medical libratory 

                        4 years


                         4 years


                        4 years

                      Computer science

                         4 years


                         4 years

                  Business administration

                         4 years


                         4 years

                         Medical imaging

                         4 years


PROGRAMS                              DURATION

               Clinical medicine

                           3 years


                           3 years

                Medical imaging

                           3 years


                           3 years

          Traditional Chinese medicines

                           3 years


                           3 years

                 Medical laboratory

                           3 years


Separate hostel

There is separate hostel for girls and boys

 Hostel facilities

Well-appointed hostels with fully furnished with beds washing machine, water heater, study tables and internet access.

Hostel security 

  1. The hostels are given good protection by security ageneses and police booths in the university.
  2. The students who come to chansha medical university should abide by the Chinese laws, including the law for religious.

Muslim food

Halal food is available. Muslim hotels are available in front of CSMU main gate. Students can choose to take their halal meals at the muslin canteen in CSMU. For international students, breakfast, lunch, supper and all kinds of snacks are available at very reasonable cost.


Universities has modern educational facilities which include the computer center, audio-visual educational information center, network teaching laborites, multi-media classrooms, music hall, artists gallery, campus-net, cable TV and broadcasting system.

All high qualified are instructing M.B.B.S courses, so as to create living process for an excellent teaching-learning environment. This enhances the content of understanding and the practical capacities of the students and teachers are committed to transform every student into competent doctor.  

Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery


6 years (5 years study + 1 year’s internship)


Chinese language, anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, forensic, medicine, diagnostic, preventive medicine, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, E.N.T, dentistry, psychiatry, anesthesia, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency medicine.


Tuition fee

14000 RMB/YEAR

Insurance fee


Housing fee (4 person room)


Development fee

7000 RMB

Note: book fees, residence permit fee and health fee paid according to actual prices by each student.

Public security provides residence permits on an annual basis.



Changsha (simplified Chinese; traditional Chinese; pinyin: Changsha; wade-Giles: Changsha) is the capital city of Hunan, a province of south-central china, located on the lower reaches of Xiang river, a branch of the Yangtze river, its municipality covers an area of 11,819 sq. kilometers and has a population of 6,017,600; the urbanized area has around 2.7 million people.

Public transport: The city’s public transportation systems consist of an extensive bus network with over a hundred lines as well as taxis.

Metro rail: Changsha metro is planning a 6 line network. The second line has been opened on April 29th, 2014.

Roads: national highways 107 and 119, as well as changsha-zhuzhou-ziangan express way connect the Changsha metro area nationally.

River: Changsha is surrounded by major rivers, including the xiangjiang, the liuyangha, and the loadaohe.

Rail: Changsha railway station is located at city center and provides express and regular services to most cities in china via the Beijing-Guangzhou and shimen-changsha railways. The Changsha south railway station is the new high speed railway station, located in yuhuan district.

Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway (part of the planned Beijing – Guangzhou – Shenzhen –Hong Kong high-speed railway).

The changhai-changsha-kunming high speed railway is currently under construction. Changsha huanghua international airport is a regional hub for china southern airlines, which serves major cities in china, including Hong Kong. The airport provides direct flights to 45 major cities such as hongkong, Bangkok, Seoul, Pusan, Osaka and etc.   


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